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2019 Budget Survey

2019 Budget Survey

How would you like to see City of Woodstock tax dollars spent in 2019? The City of Woodstock is asking residents to complete the survey below to gain insights on the priorities and preferences of our residents.

Please keep in mind that services offered by the City of Woodstock are generally funded through property taxes and user fees. If the city were to increase the level of services provided, there is a corresponding increase in either property taxes or user fees.

This survey is designed to solicit feedback on City provided services and does not include questions regarding those provided by other levels of government, including Oxford County.


What is your age?


Are you a Woodstock Resident?


3. What would you suggest should be the top priorities for the City of Woodstock right now? Please select all options which you feel should be considered a priority. Note that social services, public health services, affordable housing and ambulance services are delivered by the County of Oxford and are not included below.

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