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Woodstock Sports Wall of Fame


The following outlines the criteria for the categories that have been defined for the Sports Wall of Fame. When completing the application, please keep these guidelines in mind to ensure that the submission meets the criteria.

The Induction Ceremony will take place every other year in odd-numbered years. Applications must be received by June 1st of the year prior in order to be considered for selection.

Categories Include:

  • Team
  • Athlete(s)
  • Builder of Sports
  • Historic
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Honourable Achievement


Criteria For Nominations:

Team Entry:

  • The team usually will have won a Provincial, National or International competition;
  • A team might be recognized if they have contributed significantly to Sport in this community and encouraged others to participate.


  • The individual(s) must have won or participated in a Provincial, National or International or Professional sport competition to be considered.

Builder of Sports:

  • The individual(s), organization or association will have contributed to this community in a significant manner related to sport and sport development. This could include the development, administration, officiating, on-going operations, and /or development of youth in a positive and productive manner.


Historic Category:

  • The individual(s), team, organization or association will have contributed in a positive and significant manner to sport and sport development, prior to 1980, through their participation or involvement in sport;
  • The individual(s), team, organization or association will have contributed in a positive and significant manner to sport and sport development through their participation or involvement in sport;
  • More than 40 years will have passed since their accomplishment;
  • May also qualify under the other categories but deserves special consideration due to the time frame.


Lifetime Achievement:

  • An individual who has been involved in defining the community sports scene, making significant contributions through most but not necessarily all of the following areas: athletic achievement, organization, development, mentoring, volunteering, and/or coaching.


Honourable Achievement:

The committee may, at its discretion, recognize particularly special contributions made by individuals or teams (not the Inductees) through the use of a “special” Honourable Achievement. Selection of such individuals or teams will be at “the sole discretion” of the Committee. Method of selection for the Honourable Achievement will be the same as for “Inductees”.

Nomination Instructions:

  1. For team nominations, all persons on the team must be identified.

  2. Each nomination shall contain the fullest possible data about the record and merits of the candidate or team. The responsibility for submitting the documentation and for its accuracy solely rests on the nominator. Please include all accomplishments, including specific dates and records if possible.

  3. A reference is to be included who can verify the information provided by the nominee as well as who can provide additional information, stories, or documentation to support the nomination. A reference may be, for example, a coach, family member, or teammate.

  4. Photos will be the responsibility of the nominee and at least one high-quality photo is required to be submitted with this application or the application will not be considered.

  5. For the biography and additional information, please provide a general biography of the nominee, including, but not limited to: age, birth place, time/years in sport, what they are doing now, other notable accomplishments, etc.

  6. If possible, include news clippings, articles, etc. Any additional items to support your nomination are appreciated.

  7. Submission for all categories will be accepted at the Communications and Special Events Department Office at City Hall, 500 Dundas Street, 2nd Floor or simply submit this form. Questions can be emailed to:

  8. All submissions will be evaluated and returned if they do not meet the criteria. All submissions meeting the criteria will be kept on file and re-evaluated on an annual basis for a 5-year period.

  9. The Selection Committee has the right to accept or reject any and all submissions. There will be a limited number selected for each ceremony and notification of this will be advertised and posted as part of the nomination procedure. The Committee meets in June in odd-numbered years to evaluate applications. The Induction Ceremony will be held in early April in even-numbered years.

  10. The application deadline for nominations is June 1st in even-numbered years.

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